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The Independent Film Market

Generated $9 Billions at the box-office alone during 2016, not including all the additional ancillary (non-theatrical) market revenues. Have you heard of the Crypto Film Fund? Blockchain Technology has the potential of funding cryptocurrencies for artists, independent filmmakers, and video game creators. Cryptocurrency is a great investment if you want to gain exposure to digital currency. In that sense, the Bitcoin Revolution website is widely regarded as the perfect platform to start your Bitcoin business.

The Latent Opportunity

Lies in the 60 million LatinX living in the U.S., specially within the 8.3 million LatinX frequent moviegoers (go to the movies once a month or more) who yearn to see good stories they can relate to and familiar faces playing roles they can identify with.

The Size of the Opportunity

8.3 million Latinx frequent moviegoers spend up to $2.3 Billions at the box-office alone, year after year.

Top LatinX Films at the Box Office

Instructions Not Included (2013) - $100 Millions.

How to be a Latin Lover (2017) - $62 Millions.

Overboard (2018) - $85 Millions.


A comedy film to be executive produced by TheFaustFlick Token via the Film Business Buster™ Smart Contract.

#TheFaustFlick Teaser

A 2-minute film teaser produced with a stringent budget as a sneak preview of an engaging and relevant story from Latin America to the world.

#TheFaustFlick Teaser Making-of

• A 30+ passionate crew was involved in producing a 2-m film teaser. A 90-m feature film will involve at least 300+ professionals.

High Level Diagram

The Film Business Buster™ Smart Contract enables the Filmmaking Process & the Film Business Cycle for New Film Projects.


The Film Business Buster™ Smart Contract grants New Film Token holders: a) access to the film project´s critical documents, b) voting rights on five filmmaking process and film business cycle gates and c) net profits from its multiple revenue sources.

White Paper

The Film Business Buster™ Smart Contract is powered by The Ethereum Blockchain Network.

Road Map

Includes the technical development and deployment of the Film Business Buster™ Smart Contract four main modules: a) access, b) voting, c) net profits and d) screenplay.

FilmBusinessBuster Token

1,000,000 FBB Maximun Supply.

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20 FBB = 0.18 ETH

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