A Game Changer For


The Independent Film Market

Generated $9 Billions at the box-office alone during 2016, not including all the additional ancillary (non-theatrical) market revenues.

The Latent Opportunity

Lies in the 57 million hispanics/latinos living in the U.S., specially within the 8.3 million hispanic frequent moviegoers (go to the movies once a month or more) who yearn to see good stories they can relate to and familiar faces playing roles they can identify with.

#TheFaustFlick Project

A comedy film to be executive produced by TheFaustFlick Token via the Film Business Buster™ Smart Contract.

#TheFaustFlick Teaser

A 2-minute film teaser produced with a stringent budget as a sneak preview of an engaging and relevant story from Latin America to the world.

#TheFaustFlick Teaser Making-of

• A 30+ passionate crew was involved in producing a 2-m film teaser. A 90-m feature film will involve at least 300+ professionals.

High Level Diagram

The Film Business Buster™ Smart Contract enables the Filmmaking Process & the Film Business Cycle for New Film Projects.


The Film Business Buster™ Smart Contract grants New Film Token holders: a) access to the film project´s critical documents, b) voting rights on five filmmaking process and film business cycle gates and c) net profits from its multiple revenue sources.

White Paper

The Film Business Buster™ Smart Contract is powered by The Ethereum Blockchain Network.

Road Map

Includes the technical development and deployment of the four main Film Business Buster™ Smart Contract modules: a) access, b) voting, c) net profits and d) screenplay.

FilmBusinessBuster Token

1,000,000 FBB Maximun Supply.

Contract Address


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Security Token Offering

June 1st - June 30th 2019

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